4/2/2020 Meeting Minutes

25 Jul

Highland Lakes Aggie Mom’s General Meeting Via Zoom
April 2,2020 6:30 PM
At 6:30 Judy welcomed us to our Zoom meeting due to the Coronavirus.
Barbara reported that our bank balance remained the same and that a check needs to be reissued
for Carpool.Also, she needs to deposit a $150 check from Judy
Bonnie made a motion to approve the minutes and a second was made by Dani.
As for Boutique, we have paid for the scarves so we will need to sell them during the Facebook
Boutique.Candi does not know if her friend can get more fabric to make more.We will start the
price of the scarves at $40 each.
Judy will handle the orders.Judy set up a square account.We will have to include shipping cost.
(It was noted that our dues may be done with square, as well as Walkway of Lights, in the
Tax free days during the Boutique will be April 17-18, the dates of the original Boutique. A
motion was made by Tina G.and a second by Jennifer on the dates for the tax free days.Motion
was accepted (It was noted that one will have to be part of the Boutique Facebook page to
purchase items.)
Discussion was had about our raffle.Tickets have been sold and it was decided that we will
move the drawing to May18 and notify the people of the date change, who have bought
tickets.We will continue to sell tickets.
Bonnie will do the Goodie Bags/Cooler for those who ordered them.She will drop them off at
Judy’s shop.This time, we will not include homemade treats.
A motion was made by Candi and a second by Dani for the election of officers, on the ballot,
for the coming year…2020-2021.Motion was accepted.
Judy Miller President
Candi Burrows Vice President
Barbara Walker Treasurer
Tina Gregory Secretary
Officers will be installed next month.
There was a discussion on a possible event to meet our new mom’s over the summer and a
possible Howdy Party in July.
There was no Tradition given…time spent talking about how Zoom is new to us and the impact
of the Coronavirus. Aggie brags were shared.
Our next Zoom meeting will be on May 7 at 6:30 PM.Meeting adjourned at 7:26.
Respectfully Submitted…Tina Gregory, Secretary (April14,2020)