3/6/2020 Meeting Minutes

25 Jul

Highland Lakes Aggie Mom’s Club General Meeting
March 6,2020
Bill’s Burgers in Marble Falls
6:00 PM
Meeting was called to order by Judy and welcomed all to the Mom’s and Margarita meeting.
No treasurer report, as Barbara was not present.
Minutes were approved.Motion was made by Dani and a second by Tina T.
Raffle tickets are ready to be sold.Price is $5 ea. or 5 for $20.Tickets are numbered and
members signed tickets out to be sold.Thank you to Judy for a lovely item! Judy will be selling
tickets at the A&M Club golf tournament in MF on March 21.Thank you to Barbara for making
the tickets and Dani for making the flyer.
Boutique is April 17 -18.Setup is on Fri.at 9:00 AM.Judy and Dani will be there it setup.Judy
will be bringing the items to be sold and the raffle item.Candi will also be there on Fri.Kelly and
Tina T.will be there on Sat.All members are encouraged to come.
How to display items was also discussed as well as item pricing.(note:park in West Campus
parking lot)
Goody bags will be a styrofoam cooler filled with summer things.Bonnie and Angela brought an
example.Delivery is April 24.We discussed, in the future, members can donate homemade
treats etc.to go in the goody bags.Goody bag deadline is April 3.
OFFICERS FOR 2020-2021:
President Judy Miller
VP Candi Burrows
Treasurer Barbara Walker
Secretary Tina Gregory
Speakers/Programs Tina Thibodeax and Shannon Robison
Goody Bags Bonnie Wallace and Angela Buttery
Thank you, in advance !
In April, we will take a vote to change our bylaws to reflect an increase in our dues from $20 to
Shannon talked about attending Mom’s camp…we should all try to go next year.
Highland Lakes Aggie Muster is April 21st in Horseshoe Bay.
Tradition was given by Dani on the history and meaning of Muster.
Brags were given.
Our next meeting is April 2 at the Chamber in MF.
Meeting adjourned at 7:45.
Respectfully Submitted,
Tina Gregory, Secretary March 9,2020