5/4/2023 Meeting Minutes

1 Jul

Highland Lakes Aggie Mom’s Club
May 4, 2023
Putters & Gutters, Marble Falls
6:00 p.m.

Welcome – 6:01 p.m.

Members in attendance: Michelle Floyd, Reene Bradshaw, Shelley Hanneman, Rachel Smith, Andrea Rosenbusch, Susanna Dollar, Dani Hodge, Judy Miller, and Lori Pool

High School Seniors and Moms Gifts
Fourteen New Aggie Moms and their children were presented with a goody bag welcoming them to the Aggie Family. Reene Bradshaw shared with the group what Aggie Mom’s vision and purpose are. The incoming freshman were asked a couple of questions about traditions and prizes were given out.

Minute Approval
Susanna Dollar motioned to approve the April minutes and Judy Miler seconded the motion. Motion passed

Treasurer Report
Shelley Hanneman shared the current treasurer’s report which showed a balance of $18,713.15.

Spring Boutique Final Remarks
Michelle Floyd shared information about the spring boutique. Some boards were more popular than others. The biggest concern is that more volunteers will be needed next year.

Raffle Results
Susanna Dollar and Chrystal Whiteside completed the raffle on April 27th. Reene Bradshaw won the chairs and Tami Fink won the ring scholarship.

Standing Rules Update
The standing rules for scholarships were updated to make it more clear.
See bylaws for updated wording.

Scholarship Application Opens May 15 and needs to be postmarked by June 15 to be considered.

Ring of Honor
The first Ring of Honor was presented to Dani Hodge. A brick paver has been purchased in her honor and will be placed at the Evans Library.

Election – Board 2023-2024- Lori Pool made a motion to vote for new board members and Judy Miller seconded the motion. Motion passed
– President – Reene Bradshaw
– Vice-President – Michelle Floyd
– Secretary – Chrystal Whiteside
– Treasurer – Andrea Rosenbusch
The signature card at First United Bank will need to be updated. Shelley Hanneman will need to be removed from the card and Andrea Rosenbusch will need to be added.

Susanna Dollar presented information on the tradition of saying “Gig ‘Em.”

Aggie Moments
Moms shared bright moments regarding their current Aggies.

Adjournment – 6:56 p.m.