9/8/2022 Meeting Minutes

14 Mar

Highland Lakes Aggie Mom’s Club
Meeting Minutes
September 8, 2022
Putters and Gutters, Marble Falls
6:00 pm

Welcome – President  6:17 p.m.
Member Introduction – President

Members in attendance: Reene Bradshaw, Michelle Floyd, Sally McBryde, Callie Curran, Rachel Holcomb, Danette Ginger, Dani Hodge, Danielle Simonsen, Shelly Hanneman, Chrystal Whiteside, Renee Kroese, Nicole Pogue, Andrea Rosenbusch, Lori Pool, Julia Adams, Susanna Dollar, Shannon Meyer, Judy Miller

Approval of Minutes – Secretary

Chrystal Whiteside presented minutes from the May-August meetings.  Michelle Floyd made a motion to approve the minutes, and Callie Curran seconded the motion. Motion passed

2021-2022 Audit – Treasurer

Barbara Walker and Reene Bradshaw completed an audit for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

Budget Presentation/Budget Vote – Treasurer

Shelly Hanneman shared a proposed budget for the 2022-2023 year.  After several discussion points were shared, it was recommended to table the vote until a more detailed plan was in place regarding adding scholarships to the budget.

Scholarship/s Vote – Treasurer

All in attendance agreed with the idea of the club giving out scholarships to either incoming freshmen and/or current students.  This vote was tabled until the next meeting, so the specific guidelines and amounts could be established.

Committee Appointments – President

  • 2022-2023 Scholarship Chair: Nicole Pogue
  • 2022-2023 Audit Committee: Bonnie Wallace and Tina Thibodeaux
  • 2022-2023 Boutique Chair: Michelle Floyd
  • 2022-2023 Goody Bags Committee: Susanna Dollar and Shelly Hanneman

Review of Fall Federation Meeting – President

  • Aggie Federation Tailgating tent is welcome to all and is located in the new Aggie Park.
  • Compliance with emails/Google Drive-Susanna Dollar has worked hard to ensure we are now in compliance.
  • The Federation of Aggie Moms now have a business office in Post Oak Mall.
  • The University is closely monitoring and policing the Aggie trademark and logo.  Some booths at the Aggie Mom’s Boutique had items pulled due to noncompliance with the trademark or logo.

Book Awards – Vice President

The following students were awarded a $250 book award which will be paid directly to the university:
Brooker Miller, Isaiah Denney, Evan Pool, Thomas Adams, Grayson Pogue, Hudson McBryde

Student Updates following move in – Membership

Several moms shared success stories from their recent move-in experiences. 

Goody Bags – Susanna/Shelly

Complete Form & $30 per bag payment by Monday, 10/24/22

Payment Options: Mail check payable to HLAMC/cash to Susanna Dollar: 204 West Newcastle Drive, Granite Shoals 78654, give to me at 10/8 meeting, OR PayPal: hlaggiemoms, click FRIENDS & FAMILY at prompt

Moms will receive an email by Monday, 11/28, to send to Students with pick-up details

Students to pick up at MSC on Friday, 12/2/22

Boutique update – Michelle Floyd

Our club has shown a desire to find an item to sell where we will be known for that item.  The decision has been made for our club to sell Charcuterie boards and possibly accessories.  Michelle will work to get some samples ready for our next meeting.

Traditions – Vice President

Susanna Dollar shared the history of Aggie Mom Clubs, and Reene added information about the Ring of Honor Moms.

Aggie Moments – President

Several moms shared highs, lows, and funny stories.

Next Meeting – President

  • October 6th- 5:30 (field trip) meet at PINKY statue in Bertram
    6:00 Flanigans Distillery and Winery, Bertram
    $20/person for full wine tasting

Adjournment – 7:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Chrystal Whiteside