1/5/2023 Social

14 Mar

Highland Lakes Aggie Moms Club
Jan 5, 2023  6 PM
Boat Town Burger- Kingsland Texas

Members attending: Reene Bradshaw, Susanna Dollar, Chrystal Whiteside, Shelly Hanneman, Shannon Wilson, Sally McBryde, Renee Kroese, Judy Miler, and Dani Hodge

The Highland Lakes Aggie Moms met and socialized with local Highland Lakes Aggie Club members.  Both clubs had the privilege of listening to the guest speaker, Brigadier General Joe Ramirez. He is currently the Vice President for Student Affairs.  https://studentaffairs.tamu.edu/bg-joe-ramirez-jr/

Brigadier General Ramirez spent time sharing important updates and some neat things that Texas A&M University is doing.  The night wrapped up with him answering questions from the audience.

Respectfully submitted,

Chrystal Whiteside