08/01/2019 Meeting Minutes

7 Aug

Highland Lakes Aggie Mom’s Club General Meeting Aug.1,2019
Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce Conf.Room
6:00 PM

At 6:00, fajitas and margaritas were served as guests arrived.The meeting was called to
order by President,Judy Miller, at 6:30.Everyone was welcomed and then everyone
introduced themselves.Sixteen people were in attendance.
Minutes did not get read because the last meeting in May was an informal officers
meeting to brainstorm ideas for the upcoming school year.
Treasurer Barbara Walker said the ending balance in the account was currently
$2656.39.There is a check to deposit so balance will be $2776.39.
Our fundraising goal for this year is set at $3500.
Dues are $20 a year.This money goes for book awards, which were then
explained.Forms were also handed out and will be turned in next month. Also,
membership information forms were handed out.Some checks were collected for dues.
Judy handed out the calendar for the year and each date was explained since there are
a variety of events.Several dates were then discussed in detail….Federation Workshop/
Meeting,Goody Bags,Walkway of Lights,”Ask an Aggie”, Aggie Boutique and Aggie
Mom’s Camp.
Tina Thibodeaux discussed home good ideas that we could all make for
fundraising.She mentioned wreaths, lampshades, paint old window frames etc.,all with
Aggie themes.Other things were brought up…scarves, tote bags, jewelry etc.Also, the
idea of going to Painting Pallet, as a group at Christmas, in MF, and then donate our
items back to sell at Aggie Boutique.Several ladies said their moms could help sew
items and the grandmothers could be Associate members. Dani Hodge said we need
to check on the usage of Aggie items/symbols because of trademark issues.At the next
meeting we will decide on a Boutique Chair. A discussion was had on buying supplies
and getting paid back if we will be making things to sell.
Federation Workshop…we would like to have lots attend the Federation Workshop.The
Federation meets 3 times a year.Deadline to register is Aug.14.The event is Aug.24 in
Our Highland Lakes website is not current (highlandlakesmom.aggienetwork.com) but
it will be soon.Lots of information is available at aggiemoms.org.
Dani Hodge gave the our Tradition…The History of the Federation of Aggie Mom’s.
Keva and Jennifer will trade off doing Traditions at the meetings this year. Charity Tabor
won the door prize of the night.
Brags were given.Fun money was won by Barbara Walker’s daughter.
Our next meeting will be held on Sept.5 at 6:00 at this same location.”Carpool” will be
the presentation. We also will start taking turns bringing light refreshments to meetings.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:50.
Respectfully Submitted,
Tina Gregory,Secretary