1/9/2020 Meeting Minutes

25 Jul

Highland Lakes Aggie Mom’s
General Meeting Minutes
Thursday, January 9, 2020 6:00 pm
Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce

Welcome new parents!
Food and beverage provided during meet and greet

Meeting Called to order at 6:30
8 – Members, 4-Current Aggies, and 11-Prospective Moms and Students in attendance

Overview of Aggie Moms club

Question and answer for new students and parents by current students- Courtney, Brittany, Jarrett, and Allison.

Current Aggie moms highlight the Freshman year – tips for success, programs available, etc Raffle drawing for fun prizes

Book award drawing- winners- Samantha Robinson, Brittany Miller, Jarrett Hayden and Morgan Thibodeaux- $250 per student

Family Weekend information

Treasurers report- $ 1846 current balance. $200 speaker gratuities Last month and $424.84 deposit from Walkway of Lights for a new balance of $2071.19.
Book awards total $1000 which will be paid within the week.